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August 23, 2015
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October 13, 2015
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This Flavored Laban has 3 times more calories than what is printed on the bottle!

We all know that food producers are obliged to print nutrition facts on their products, but did you know that it’s only obligatory for them to mention that per 100 gm or ml servings? That means the product that you may give to your children as a treat can have 4 or 5 times the amount of sugar and fat of their daily intake.

That’s why we want every consumer to know how to read their food labels and chose their products more wisely. The flavored Laban you see in the picture is one of the most popular products on dairy shelves in our region, many of us consider it like a snack you consume while driving or working but in fact this little bottle accounts for around 15% of your daily food intake when you are not even on a diet.

The bottle says 83Kcal on the label assuming you won’t miss to see the little hint that says that this is per 100ml not 360ml.
This is a very common food industry trick so watch out for it next time you go shopping or stay tuned to use Pichu mobile app when its realised, which will allow you to take a picture of the product barcode and receive instant product analysis from the best nutritionists around the MENA region.
Pichu is a group of dieticians, pharmacists, healthy food chef who gathered together to help us to know more about what is in our food! The investigate the chemical material that exist in our food and notify us form it!