1- Chew food at least 10 times: it’s the easiest and the most effective way to improve your mindful eating. You will spend more time eating and therefore fast feeling full.

2- Put your cutleries down after each bite: a perfect way to eat slowly is to put down your fork or spoon after each single bite. By doing so, you will focus on the chewing process and take more time eating your meal.

3- Take your first bite while keeping your eyes closed: taking enough time to taste your first bite will definitely help you eat mindfully for the rest of the meal. Try to focus on all the flavours that are blending in your mouth. Try to focus also on the smell and texture of your food.

4- Try to distinguish all the components: trying to taste and know all the different components of your meal is considered to be a great way to focus and stay alert. It’s very important to keep all of your senses working during eating.

5- Every time you eat something, use a dish: sometimes it’s very difficult to control the amount of food that we’re consuming from a pack or a sealed container. Before starting eating, try always to empty your food, even snacks, in a dish so you can see the exact amount of food and later control it.

6- Create a sense of tranquility: put down your cell phone, close your T.V or any other distracting devices or anything that may distract you away from the smell and taste of your meal. Remember that distractions might harden the mindful eating process.

7- Talk with yourself: before you tip your first bite into your mouth, give yourself some time to listen to what your body is saying, are you really hungry? Maybe you’re eating after a certain feeling or it’s just carving for some type of food. To solve the mystery, drink a cup of water, because you might be just thirsty or perhaps just bored. If it wasn’t the time for your meal, try to go for a walk or to listen to music or any other activity.

8- Don’t just eat what comes under your hand, think: be careful with your choices. Ask yourself, do you want something salty? Sweet? Crispy? Are looking for a certain flavour in your food? When you focus and realize that specific thing that you desire, you’ll feel more satisfied and eventually you’ll eat less.

9- Think about your enjoyment level: when you start eating, listen to your body signs when feeling full. While eating, keep asking yourself if you’re still hungry and still enjoying your meal in a scale of 1 to 10. You might be surprised by how fast you might lose that pleasure.

10- Learn from your mistakes: you might lose your control over the amount you intake. When you do so, try to figure out the reasons and causes behind that instead of wasting your time blaming yourself. In order to eat mindfully, learn from your mistakes. Try to understand yourself and your relationship with food, it will definitely help you later to avoid such excessive consuming of food.

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