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October 13, 2015
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Don’t Throw Away These Small Bags!

Everybody knows the small little bags with the print "DO NOT EAT" and "THROW AWAY". Silica gel is often found in new-bought things like bags.
Our advice: Do not throw it away!
You can use it wherever you want to control humidity.
1. Windscreen
It’s a great tip especially in winter: Lay several Silica bags on the dashboard of your car. So the windscreen steams up less.

2. Dry Storage of Photos
There are still some people who keep their photos in boxes. But if they stored in that way, photos would easily stuck together. To avoid this: Silica takes here a remedial action. Put few little bags in the boxes and protect the photos from air humidity.

3. Bye Bye Muff!
Does it smell musty in the locker, in the suitcase or in the sports bag?
Put 1 to 2 little Silica bags inside these things and it will smell less.

4. Long Life for Your Razor Blades
Put your shaver with some Silica bags in a plastic zippy bag. By doing that it lives longer. Tip: You can sharpen the razor blades on your jeans.

5. Dry Mobile Phones
If your mobile phone gets wet, take out the SIM card and put it in a container with Silica bags to pull out the humidity.

By the way:
Silica gel is non-toxic, therefore it can also be found with food like algae leaves or effervescent tablets.

How do you use the Silica gel?

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