• The water diet is going to require you to drink cold water on an empty stomach after waking up and 45 minutes before eating a meal, then try to gradually drink 2-10 glasses of water throughout the day without skipping meals. Don't forget to drink water half an hour before eating a meal .

  • The water diet is based on the rule that drinking cold water does require your body to burn more energy, and this process, of course, does not require a large amount of energy. In addition, drinking water gives a sense of satiety and can help you to lose weight .

  • Breakfast
  • (Drinking water 45 minutes before having breakfast) 1 piece of toast + 1 boiled egg + 1large orange or grapefruit. Meal after three hours Large cup of water + 1 apple or lettuce.
  • Lunch
  • Large cup of water + meat fish broiled or steamed tuna chicken (remove the fatty skin before cooking) + salad, any quantity. Meal after three hours Large cup of water + 1 apple.
  • Dinner
  • Large cup of water + meat chicken tuna grilled fish + boiled or roasted vegetables + salad, any quantity.
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