Cherimoya Fruit

Cherimoya fruit is considered one of the exotic tropical American fruits, but now it can be found in some Arab countries which have warm climate such as Oman, Egypt and Sudan.
Cherimoya fruit has a sweet taste and creamy texture, which is commonly known as "Custard Apples"
Cherimoya fruit is a great source of many vitamins, such as vitamin C and B-6, minerals and dietary fiber (provides about 10% of the daily requirement of fiber). Some studies show that cherimoya fruit may protect against some cancers, but this has not been proven conclusively.
According to some unconfirmed studies, eating a large amount of cherimoya fruit could lead to some neurological disorders so it may be dangerous during pregnancy.
Cherimoya is usually consumed raw, or pressed to make juice. The leaves of the cherimoya are used to make tea in some tropical regions, and the oil is used in the treatment of arthritis and some types of skin rashes.'
Bayan Tayeh
Bayan works as a content writer and graphic designer. She is highly interested in the field of healthcare and health education. Her goal is to change the way people think about sticking to some dietary habits, and to encourage them consume real food, as possible, so we can build a healthier world.