Puck cheese is not considered as a healthy food for the following reasons:
  • Puck cheese is a processed food that has been altered from its natural state, which is not 100% natural making it less healthy.
  • Puck cheese is high in saturated fat. Each two tablespoons contains 9 grams of fat, this means that 90% of the calories from fat.
  • Puck cheese is also high in.
  • Puck cheese contains a food emulsifier called “Trisodium Phosphate E339”, which gives cheese its smooth texture. High intake of trisodium phosphate may cause intestinal and digestive disorders as well as hyperactivity. This additive compound is rarely found in foods, but has been commonly used in cleaning agents and construction materials.
  • One of Puck cheese ingredients is palm oil, which is not considered as a healthy ingredient despite the fact that it is one of the 100% natural fat and one of the few highly saturated vegetable fat. According to nutrition experts at Harvard, it is not a good thing to consume in large amounts.
  • A substance called ‘’fatty acid esters’’ results from heating palm oil to its fire point. This substance may cause swellings in the heart and blood vessels, especially when it is consumed on a daily basis.
    The only advantage that the product contains a high content of calcium. However this does not mean that we should ignore that the product is high in harmful saturated fat that should not be a major ingredient in breakfast meals for kids and adults. A healthy breakfast meal should be rich in fiber and protein.
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