The Health Implications of Internet Addictions

A week ago, there was power outage in my area. Because of that, I could not access the internet for some days. As a freelance writer, I usually use the internet to carry out various ranges of tasks. I use it to search for information, to communicate with my clients, and to purchase items online, and so on. During this period that I had no access to the internet, I started noticing some of my strange moods: I was bored, almost depressed. I started daydreaming about using the internet again. In sum, I realized that without the internet my life was virtually worthless.
After researching upon why I was so dependent on the internet, I found out that I might be suffering from internet addiction, formally known as Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). To confirm my suspicion, I did an IAD test on a website that administers psychology test. The result of my test showed that I was severely addicted to the internet. Consequently, I decided to research why the internet addiction may not be good for anybody’s health. And the following reasons explain why internet addiction is not good for your health, too.
It Makes Us Sleep Less And Eat Less: Sleeping is a major component of a healthy lifestyle. And pundits recommend a minimum of 8 hours daily sleep to ensure optimal performance of the brain. When we are addicted to the internet, we are susceptible to insomnia, a difficulty in sleeping. As a result, we are prone to a great deal of mood swings such as anxiety, fear, boredom, procrastination, irritability, loneliness, impulsiveness, irascibility, and, above all, depression. Our pattern of eating is also affected. Sometimes we needlessly skip meals, even though we are hungry. All these attitudes have a negative impact on our health status.
It Exposes Us To A Number Of Physical Discomforts: Internet addiction promotes sedentary lifestyle. Itis no news that a sedentary lifestyle encourages us to sit down in a fixed position, perhaps for more than 10 hours daily. Several researches have shown that sedentary lifestyles is debilitating to the health. Such lifestyles can lead to atrophy muscles, or cause excessively weight gain, because we are not burning enough fat during this period. Another physical discomfort is that we are likely to suffer from backaches, headaches, and neck aches. We may also suffer from impaired visibility, since we are always exposing our eyes to intense light emanating from our device.
It Damages Our Brain In The Long Haul: Research has shown that internet addiction alters the brain just as the addictive drugs, such as cocaine, cannabis, methamphetamine, alcohol, and the like, disrupt some of our brain cells. Findings show that those people who are addicted to the internet show low levels of dopamine D2 receptor, an essential substance that enables us to control our emotions, and to maintain self-control. All these things show that internet addiction is real and that it is deleterious to our health. So, be serious about your health and take necessary precautions while staying online.
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