You Will Never Believe How Skinny Jeans Can Be A Health Risk

Do you know there are some styling trends that are hurting your health big time?We are not talking about high heels, piercing, getting tattoos or wearing flip flops. It is the trend of wearing skinny jeans.
It has been like forever since skinny jeans have ruled the fashion industry and it is still being worn by men and women alike. Everyone surely loves the way their booties look in skinny jeans but these skinny jeans might lose their popularitybecause of one reason. Doctors have started giving warning about skintight jeans and especially for ladies.

The Compartment Syndrome
The scary thing is that they come with a warning label, which is quite unhealthy. As per BBC health, recently an Australian woman developed a condition named “compartment syndrome” because she was wearing skinny jeans for hours while she was helping her friend move. It is a seriously painful condition in which your musclesswell up and they might even start bleeding inside due to pressure. If that continues to happen, it can cause blood flow problems and even nerve damage. Her calves were swollen up so badly that the doctors had to cut her jeans off.

She was unable to walk for 4 days. Now who would want this to happen to them? Wearing skinny jeans for many hours, you can end up suffering your whole life.That was one case, but there are plenty of more. There was another case where a woman wentto the park for a walk. She started to feel tight and uncomfortable in the jeans and within no time, she noticed that her feet become numb. Soon she was unable to lift them and after a few hours, she collapsed. She had to crawl to the roadside to get a taxi and reach to the hospital. The doctors had to cut her jeans off too. Her calves became weak and she couldn’t feel her feet.

Can This Happen To Anyone?
It is commonly the lower leg injury which is caused due to prolonged wearing of skinny jeans. It happens due to compression of the nerves on the area of top calf bone. As per research, when skinny jeans are worn for a long time, it can start building pressure into the legs. If you wear skinny jeans and the muscles start to swell, they don’t have anywhere to go but down the blood vessels and the nerves.
This is just one case, and there have been plenty of reports that showed wearing tight pants can compress your nerves and cause numbness in the thighs.

What’s The Verdict?
The verdict is that if the jeans are tight, you might be troubled with compartment syndrome. Furthermore, if you have been involved in squatting, then most likely you are going to suffer from it. Skinny jeans certainly are a health risk, but thegood news is that the trend of wearing it is going to find its way out. Avoid wearing them,if you already have any kind of trouble in your muscles.
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