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There is no doubt that doing some kind of physical activity rather than doing nothing is better but the big question is that how much should you workout each day? What if you are not sure you are doing the right amount of physical activity? Some say that it all depends on your fitness goals but what’s the right amount? Adequate amount of physical activity can:
  • Keep a healthy body weight maintained
  • Control blood sugar level
  • Keep the blood lipids level maintained
  • Reduce blood pressure and anxiety

  • As you increase the amount of physical activity and increase its frequency and intensity along with duration, the health benefits increase too. But what is the appropriate amount of physical activity? How much physical activity is needed? Here are some questions and answers related to this:
    How much physical activity is accurate?
    After 150 minutes of working out for the whole week doing moderate physical activity, you will start experiencing health benefits. The best thing in this case would be brisk walking.
    What’s the best physical activity?
    The best physical activities include aerobics and muscle strengthening exercises.
    Is physical activity meant for everyone?
    Physical activity is beneficial for children, young adults, middle age adults and even the older adults. Even people with disabilities are recommended to consider it.
    Can physical activity hurt?
    The benefits of working out are more than the adverse outcomes. You will not get hurt with the physical activity as long as you are doing it in the moderate way.
    Guide for appropriate physical activity
    Adults must always avoid inactivity. Adults are the ones who need physical activity the most if they want to stay healthy and enjoy longevity. If it is moderate intensity physical workout, then you are required to do it for 150 minutes but if it is vigorous, then 75 minutes will be enough. Aerobic activity must be performed 10 minutes per day. If you do physical activity beyond this time limit, it will not do any harm, in fact it will bring additional health benefits. However, if you are not even doing the adequate workout, then no significant health changes would be seen. Muscle strengthening activities are also recommended but if you are new to it, you don’t really have to do it throughout the week, but once or twice is enough. This will also add to the health benefits.
    When it comes to children, if it is aerobics, it must not be more than 60 minutes per day and same goes for muscle strengthening and bone strengthening exercises. They don’t really have to do it throughout the week, just 3 days a week is fine. The moderate aerobic activities include brisk walking, swimming, and even mowing the lawn. On the other hand, the vigorous ones include fast running and dancing. The strength training exercises include rock climbing, using weight machines or even doing some heavy gardening.
    The bottom line
    Generally, your physical activity goal must be working out 30 minutes of exercise per day. If you have weight loss goals or fitness goals, you have to do a lot more. If it seems hard to walk for 30 minutesa day, you can opt for a short term goal and walk 10 minutes. In the end, the most important thing is to do regular physical exercise everyday and incorporate it within your lifestyle.
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