Constipation during Ramadan

Many fasting people may suffer from constipation during Ramadan. You should get rid of constipation immediately, otherwise you may suffer until the end of Ramadan and this may cause hemorrhoids.
Here are some great ways to avoid constipation and stay healthy during Ramadan:
  • Avoid sudden changes in the type and quantity of food intake.
  • Start your Iftar (breakfast) with three dates, then have a soup dish.
  • Divide your Iftar meal into small frequent portions, and don’t forget to chew food slowly and steadily.
  • Drink lots of water, at least 2 litres a day.
  • Avoid soda, drink natural fresh juices instead.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber, which may help improve the digestion process.
  • Avoid eating carbohydrates as much as possible, eat brown bread instead of white as it is rich in fiber.
  • Include oats to your daily diet. Oats can be added to soups, desserts or milk with some fruit. Oatmeal is rich in many essential fibers that facilitate digestion.
  • Do some exercise after Iftar (breakfast) such as walking for half an hour a day.
  • Your diet should contain a high proportion of vitamin B which helps to regulate the functions of the intestine. Vitamin B can be found in grapes, figs, molasses, low-fat milk and others.
  • Do not take medicines directly, try some natural home remedies instead such as warm drinks. You can also eat some high-fiber foods such as mint, lettuce, parsley and orange.
  • Avoid stress and anxiety, and have a good sleep.
  • Avoid spicy and fried foods, eat roasted foods instead.
  • Avoid eating desserts, simple sugars foods and fats as much as possible during Ramadan because excessive intake may double the risk of constipation.
  • Dried fruits, like dates, figs, apricots and raisins, soaked in warm water or milk for 12 hours may facilitate digestion and relieve constipation quickly.
  • Dima Abo Alkhair
    A dietitian who draw the health way, helps many people to lose weight and improve their health in a natural way! Love to work on nutrition of children and pregnant ladies!