There is a difference between food cravings and hunger. Hunger is controlled by the stomach, helps you know when it's time to fuel up because your body needs energy. While cravings are controlled by your brain and are a result of stress, negative feelings and nutritional deficiencies. Stress and negative feelings increase our cravings for fat and sugar which may lead to negative, shameful feelings after binging.
Do Food Cravings Indicate Nutritional Deficiency?
Actually, Yes.
Here are some examples of food cravings:
  • Cravings chocolate could be a result of magnesium deficiency.
  • We can take sufficient amount of magnesium from raw cacao, whole grain, beans, seeds, fruits and green vegetables.

  • Cravings salty food can be linked to chloride deficiency.
  • Chloride is found in celery, olives, tomatoes, kelp and Himalayan sea salt.
  • Cravings coffee and black tea could be a result of sulphur, iron and phosphorus deficiencies.
  • We can find sulphur in cranberries, garlic and onion, while iron is found in beans, legumes cherries and red meat. The best resources of phosphorous are citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, bananas, tomatoes and black olives.

  • Cravings fizzy and soda drinks could be a result of calcium deficiency.
  • Broccoli, sesame seeds, legumes, and dairy products all are considered as resources of calcium.
  • Cravings white pasta, bread and pastries can be linked to chromium deficiency.
  • We can find this micronutrient in onions, lettuces, tomatoes, grapes and cinnamon.

  • Cravings crunching ice cubs can be linked to iron deficiency.
  • (Natural sources of iron are mentioned in the previous paragraph).

  • Cravings bread could be a result of nitrogen deficiency.
  • We can take our nitrogen requirements from green leafy vegetable, nuts, seeds and legumes and grains.
    Aya Hasanin
    دكتورة صيدلانية فلسطينية متزوجة ومقيمة في السودان ، مديرة صيدلية الاتحاد في غزة سابقا ، عملت في الصيدلية المركزية بمكتب الاونروا بغزة وفي مستشفى الحلو الدولي للعقم واطفال الانابيب . مهتمة بمجال التغذية ، حصلت على دورة تدريبية في التغذية الشخصية و عملت أثناء .إقامتها بالسودان في مركز القلب في الخرطوم