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Have you ever wondered about the perfect way to lose weight?

Have you ever wondered about the perfect way to lose weight?
In the journey of losing weight, it’s essential to use your mind. Today, we’re targeting 2 things:
First, getting rid of excessive fats in the body and preventing the establishment of new fat cells while maintaining the muscle mass.
Second, reaching the ideal weight and shape and keeping this result up for life by leading a balanced healthy lifestyle.
But what about quick diets, do they help?
When you suddenly reduce the mount of calories, lesser than the required body amounts of necessary nutrients, you’re going to lose a lot of kilos on the scale only. Basically, you’ve lost very few fats, a lot of muscle mass, and water.
Let’s take a closer look for how quick diets work:
  • Your body will begin wasting and destroying your muscle mass and thereby the burn rate will decrease and a fast resistance to lose weight will happen (just to know that losing muscles is six times faster than losing fats because fats have very complicated chemical compositions and therefore need longer time to be burnt).
  • Losing weight fast will open chances to diseases (such as heart disease).
  • Your body won’t be able to take the advantages of the necessary nutrients and that will lead to:
  • 1- weak and sick body.
    2- sleeping disorder and laziness.
    3- fatigue after any simple efforts
    4- weakened immune
    5- irregular periods
    6- skin damage such as darkening of the face and under the eyes
    7- hair loss and dried and easily broken nails
    8- impaired memory and concentration
    9- headache and dizziness
  • Your body will regain the lost weight very quickly; therefore, you’ll feel frustrated so you’ll try this diet again and again and by doing that your body will lose more and more muscle mass and gain stubborn fats and all will cause: skin dimpling, cellulite increasing, general weakness, and pale look.

  • So, you have to use your mind and never get distracted by fake and temporary beauty. To reach both beauty and health, follow a balanced diet putting into your consideration your height, weight, age, fat and muscle mass and work out regularly. By doing this, you’ll lose weight in a healthy way without suffering from fatigue and muscle, minerals, and water loss in your body.
    Dima Abo Alkhair
    A dietitian who draw the health way, helps many people to lose weight and improve their health in a natural way! Love to work on nutrition of children and pregnant ladies!