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The Palm Oil isn’t the only guilty to boycott Nutella!

A few days ago, a rumor has spread out about withdrawal Nutella from the European markets, because it contains a lot of components that can cause cancer! As usual, rumors are always attacking one of the products that have millions of lovers in all parts of the world. The news spread very fast and caused fear for those who do not start their morning without a spoon of Nutella, painted on a piece of toast or added to pancakes!
So what is the truth of these news that say the palm oil that is affixed during making Nutella causes cancer!?
Here is the truth, that one refill of Nutella contains 23% of hydrogenated palm oil.
Certainly, the palm oil is healthy in its original state and without exposing it to pressure and temperature above 200 degrees Celsius, but it is never healthy in Nutella, the high temperature of the oil is to get rid of the smell, color, and give Nutella a soft touch, and increase its expiration date. But at the same time it destroys the healthy elements in the oil in its natural form such as vitamin E and omega-3, useful fatty acids and amino acids! In addition to the danger of heart disease, kidney, lungs, blood clots, obesity and waistline and problems in the genital system, and oxidation of the oil also leads to increase of free fatty acids that cause some types of cancer. Of course, the palm oil contains a high amount of palmitic acid, an active substance, which negatively affects the overall level of cholesterol in the blood!
Recently, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO), confirmed on the seriousness of hydrogenated palm oil, but unfortunately did not recommend consumers to stop eating foods that contain it! Therefore, that is the case for the US to manage the Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA).
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Although, the Italian company - Ferrero- the manufacturer of the product, Nutella, made a strong campaign that reassured people about the safety of the product. This does not negate the fact what palm oil is not healthy at all, also Nutella in all the cases is not healthy food because they contain other components!
An environmental trend in Europe, is maybe the reason of that rumor where healthy institutions pay attention to reduce the use of in general and palm oil in special, (which consider in the second place of the most useful oil after soybean oil) to reduce environmental pollution due to industrialization and to preserve the palm forests from extinction!
Twenty years ago, the number of people living palm forests in the palm forest in Indonesia was decreased to 80% also of many of the palm forests was disappeared in Malaysia, which dramatically causing extinction of many rare wild animals!
Did you know what does Nutella consist of?
The main component of Nutella is sugar. It represents 55% of an explosive Nutella, in other words, nearly half of the explosive is sugar! Also means 2 tablespoon of Nutella contain a 21 grams of genetically modified, refined, unhealthy sugar which is equivalent to 10 teaspoons of sugar and It is a very high percentage for the need of the body's need, but if you eat Nutella with pancakes or bread it raises the sugar in the blood.
Did you know that the recommended quantity of sugar for adults is 25 grams for women and 31 grams for men. And If the amount increases, it may causes many problems. As one teaspoon of sugar weakens the immune system by 50% for two hours, making the body unable to facing bacteria, viruses, germs and other disease. According to many studies, it has found that sugar causes 140 kinds of disease such as; Alzheimer, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, colds and flu, obesity, hyperactivity and aggressiveness in children, and the appearance of early wrinkles.
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If Nutella contains 78% by of sugar and palm oil! So, Why it called as hazelnut cream and chocolate? Unfortunately, Nutella contains only 14% of the nut and only 8% of cocoa! Regardless the attractive advertising that makes Nutella mediated hazelnut kernels appetite, to give a disguise for looker that Nutella a healthy hazelnut butter mixed with cocoa, but these commercials are not connected with reality and rather should change the statement "Nutella is a hazelnut Chocolate", with the words "palm oil full of sugar!" It's the most accurate!
What are the other components of Nutella? Nutella also contains a small percentage of:
• Skimmed milk powder, whey powder, we get all these materials from residual waste after making cheese, which is usually used as animal feed, but it is unfortunately involved in a lot of foods and in the pharmaceutical industry, the worst of all that is that the same cows feed on genetically modified feed, antibiotics and hormones to increase production, this means that the whey and milk powder this genetically modified, and are full of chemicals that are harmful to the human body.
• Manufacturer claims that Nutella does not contains any artificial colors, artificial preservatives! But what about the emulsifier lecithin, a soy lecithin, which preserves the soft strength of Nutella.
The extraction of crude soybean oil, which is considered the remnants of soy-which containing pesticides and chemicals, which are used in many processed foods as an emulsifier for the cohesion of the oil.
With water and the other ingredients and prevent it such as, peanut, candy, chocolate , ice cream, whitened coffee, and baby milk, it also helps to prolong to extend the expiration date of the supermarket's shelves.
Often, soy sources around the world are considered genetically modified, where the genetically engineered soybean contains a high proportion of toxic substances, it is also known that genetically modified foods, reduce fertility, reduce the immune system and affect the digestive system, and increase the sensitivity amount and cause cancer.
• Nutella contains vanillin, a synthetic vanilla flavor, which is probably the most damaging in Nutella, and vanilla's flavor and smell are chemical substances. Often the source of this substance is from China (90% of the products that contain vanillin is produced in China, including Nutella)
Worse than this, is that vanillin contains MSG or what is called mono sodium Glutamate, (these items are not mentioned in the ingredients of Nutella!), A chemical that is not healthy vitamins, not even from food minerals and does not have any health benefits, it has been ranked as catalysts of the brain (neurotoxins), or what is called excitotoxin that increases the body's desire to eat the product again and again, its work is similar to addiction!
There are many doctors and scientists around the world confirm that these nerve toxins do an important job to develop the neurological disorders, including migraine, inflammation, endocrine disorders, obesity and disease Parkinson's, Alzheimer and other neurological health problems!
Based on the following table, here's an analysis of food information to Nutella chocolate: Food spreadsheet
Two tablespoons of Nutella (37 grams) containing 200 calories (more than half of complete healthy breakfast!) It is distributed as follows:
• 100 calories, unhealthy fats at all. Two tablespoons of Nutella contains 11 grams of fat, including 3.5 saturated fat. Every 1 gram of fat give 9 calories!
• 84 calories of sugar. (2 tablespoons Nutella contains 21 grams of sugar) and sugar classified under carbohydrate, so every 1 gram carbohydrates gives 4 calories.
• 12 calories of protein. (2 tablespoons of Nutella contains 3 grams of protein, and the origin of this protein from milk powder and whey, nuts!) So every 1 gram protein gives 4 calories.
• It contains 15 milligrams of sodium, a small percentage, that is good! (Body needs between 3-7 grams of sodium daily) Anyway, sweet products often contain a percentage of sodium less than other products.
• It contains 1 gram of fiber! So how it can be a good healthy choice for ourselves and our children! (Note that the body's daily need of fiber is increased by 20-30 grams per day. If you want leave Nutella, do it, not only for palm oil! But also for the high amount of sugar and calories and also because it contains genetically modified material and the mono sodium Glutamate, and above all, they its poor of minerals, vitamins and fiber, which must be on breakfast!
Interesting Facts must be known about Nutella:
• The producer company of Nutella is an Italian company Ferrero, the same manufacturer of Kinder chocolate and Ferrero Rocher, too.
• The first time Nutella was invented by the Italian baker Petro Ferrero in 1946, by increasing the amount of nuts that was largely available at the time, to reduce the use of chocolate which was very little because of World War II.
• Nutella is flammable because it contains a high amount of palm oil!
• A tablespoon of almond butter or cashew and even peanuts contains one tablespoon of sugar which is less than the amount of sugar in Nutella.
• In Europe, Nutella is produced in two different versions, the first version is a north Nutella copy, is darker and less brighter and contains a large rate of cocoa and sold in Germany and Nadic country while the second version it is a south Nutella copy, which is brighter and lighter and sweeter, the taste of butter nut is very obvious, and sold in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and some parts of Switzerland.
Bayan Tayeh
Bayan works as a content writer and graphic designer. She is highly interested in the field of healthcare and health education. Her goal is to change the way people think about sticking to some dietary habits, and to encourage them consume real food, as possible, so we can build a healthier world.