Getting the perfect body is a lot of people’s wish upon a star, specially the ladies. A lot of people are on the hunt for weight loss methods. This article will mention the most widely used plants for this purpose. These planta are very popular and I get a lot of questions about them.

• Marjoram - scientific classification: Origanum Majorano

Marjoram is considered a quite famous herb in the world of weight watchers. Does it really contains elements that help speeding up metabolism?

Researches have shown that it actually decreases the chances of weight gain. According to a study that has been conducted on animals by Wellness Resources, The animals that were injected with Marjoram oil after having high-fat food didn’t put on as much weight as other animals that weren’t injected. A blood picture also showed that injected animals had less levels of both cholesterol and triglyceride.

The study has not mentioned any side effects of marjoram, hence marjoram is considered a safe plant with many benefits and it can be added to our meals.


• Ginger - scientific classification: Zingiber Officinal

There is a debate going on around whether ginger is one of the herbs that can help you lose weight .

Ginger has other proven benefits like decreasing fat levels in blood and being a natural anti-inflammatory. But what about weight loss?

A study that was conducted on a group of overweight ladies showed a slight weight loss after eating ginger.

Eating ginger can help you lose some pounds but it i not to be treated a major weight loss factor. There is no particular dosage of ginger that is recommended however, overusing it may cause damage to stomach lining. This issue can be overcome by taking ginger tablets.

• For pregnant women, ginger consumption should not exceed 1 gm per day. It is prohibited for children to have any at all.
• Ginger is not to be taken with Aspirin or warfarin or any other anticoagulant drugs and antiplatelet drugs.
• If have high blood pressure or diabetes, it is recommended to consult a specialist before using it.


• Senna - Scientific classification : Cassia Angustifolia

Senna is a widely used plant in diets, but to what extent is it healthy?

Senna can make you lose weight as it is a natural laxative. And as all laxatives, it makes you lose body fluids. Hence, this weight loss is a result of losing fluids not fats.

Additionally, Senna has many side effects as it can drop potassium levels in your body. This potassium shortage can lead to fluctuation in heart beats and general muscle and bone fatigue and also digestive system issues.

It is prohibited for pregnant and nursing women, children under 12 years old and people with digestive issues.

For all the above mentioned information, senna is not recommended to be used as weight loss plant.


• Linseed - Scientific classification: Linum Usitatissum.

Linseed is characterised by being a plant that is rich in fiber. This fiber absorbs fluids that have long stayed in your body. Fiber also merges with fats and cholesterol in the digestive system and helps get them out of your body. Which encourages that body to burn its already existing fat. This protects you from falling prey to strokes and cholesterol-induced heart diseases. It also makes you a less risk of developing obesity.

Linseed also contains many minerals and vitamins (such as Vitamin C and the element potassium and magnesium, and zinc), which helps to improve digestion and has anti-acidic properties. It also maintains the digestive system. Moreover, it is one of the richest plants of unsaturated fatty acids of the type of omega-3, which makes it one of the most beneficial seeds to your body, and there are studies that refer to the fact that it prepares the uterus for pregnancy!

For your information!

• When eaten ground, Linseed contains a chemical compound called legnin. Our bodies deal with legnin in the same way it deals with estrogen. It reduces the risk of breast cancer, in addition to that it relieves the breast pain that accompanies the menstrual cycle in women, and helps reduce symptoms that accompany menopause in women.
• Often Linseed is safe for most people when taken by mouth, but the large doses cause some side effects to the digestive system such as  stomach pain, nausea, constipation, diarrhea and gas. It may cause a blockage in the intestines. To avoid this, you can eat linseed with plenty of water to prevent clogging. high doses can also cause drought and a decrease of water in the body. Appropriate share is to be taken daily, between 2-3 teaspoons. Grind before eating directly for maximum benefit.


In the end, it is necessary to know, dear readers that there is no particular food that can help lose body fat. If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you must be committed to a proper diet that encompasses all food groups, without exception, and it of course depends on your situation and health at the given time. In addition to that, exercising regularly, drinking at least two liters of water and making healthier life style patterns are an integral part of your weight loss journey . And lastly, balance is the key to good overall well being as moderation in all things, and all things in moderation.

Israa Adaci
A pharmacist from Gaza, Palestine. I received my training in Alshifaa medical hospital, and I have worked in many pharmacies. I am interested in raising awareness about health and debunking the many and widely spread myths about diet and nutrition.