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15 innovative and new ideas to show your mom how much you love her. The last one is the best!

Isn't it just amusing what our mothers do for us? All the care and nurturing. They always go the extra mile to make sure we are happy and comfortable and this Mother's Day is our turn to do something unique and special for our moms that will make them feel even a fracture of the happiness they give to us.  

This time, let us think of something else other than cards, roses and clothes. Let us think of something unforgettable. Here is our very special selection of gifts that will draw a smile on mama's face today and every day. 

  • A whole set of food supplements and vitamins: This is my one of my top favorites. I always buy my mom effervescent vitamins whenever I have the chance. I give them to her while reminding her with the great benefits they have on her bones and overall health if she consumes these supplements regularly. 

Women need to take special care of their bodies after they cross the threshold of the forties. This is usually the time they stop getting their periods. Doctors always advice to eat well and have a sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals. Supplements of B, D, and C vitamin groups are highly beneficial and they should be accompanied by Calcium and Iron to prevent osteoporosis and all the psychological and physical downsides that result from menopause.

Consult your pharmacist about the kinds of vitamins that are available for purchase without needing a prescription. 

Present the vitamins in a nice basket and look how grateful your mother will be.

  • Hair care products: If your mother has weak hair with not so bright a color, then it is because of multiple pregnancies. What you can do about that, and since it is your fault one way or another, is to give your mother a complete set of hair care products; that includes hair cream, hair coloring products for home use, a good set of shampoo, conditioner and treatment.A quality wooden brush will complement this set in a perfect way. Last but not least, include some hair vitamins to give your mom the perfect hair care gift and do not forget a nice and sweet package to present your gist in the way you mother deserves. 
  • A manual massage tool to alleviate the daily pains: It is a no brainer that mothers end up having sore feet and back muscles as a result of standing up all day cooking and working around the house. This tool will be a great way to give her much needed massages in the evening while watching her favorite drama. 
  • Foot care package: The feet are the pillars of our entire body. You can imagine how sore they can get if your mother exhausts herself too much doing the everyday chores. You can prepare a basket with the foot care products your mother needs like good clippers, nail files, a piece of pumice and a special foot cream. If you mother suffers from varicose veins, you can get her a pair of nylon compression socks made especially for this condition. They should be available at your local pharmacy. 
  • A collection of essentials oils: I understand that a decent bottle of designer perfume can cost you an arm and a leg, but hey there are other options! You can get natural and essential oils from specific stores that sell them. They can also be great if used in a home spa session. These oils relaxes you and get the negative energy out of your body and leaves you feeling refreshed in the end. My suggestions for you are these oils: lavender, lemon, rose, jasmine, geranium, tea tree, babong, mint, rosemary, and cedar wood. 
  • Reusable Water glass bottles: Because our mothers are busy as bees, they sometimes forget to drink enough water every day. They may not remember to drink until late at night. To encourage them to drink water you can get them a nice and attractive glass water bottles. Some moms don't like to drink water altogether, if yours is one of those you can bring her a detox water bottle. Those ones you can add fruit to them and the water will taste like whatever fruit is added to the bottle. Fancy that!
  • A back pain relief creams and gels: There are many of those under different brands. Ask your pharmacist to recommend a good one for you. 
  • A healthy cook book: What mothers care most about is optimal health for all their family members. You can add this gift to any of the baskets mentioned in this article. 
  • A pot of cooking herbs: if your mama is passionate about plants and food then is the perfect gift idea for her! There is nothing that she will appreciate more than growing her own fresh cooking herbs (parsley, mint, thyme and basil). It is also extremely fulfilling and relaxing to take care of plants. 
  • A motivation typography: we used to come from kindergarten every other day with cards and drawings for our mothers but we stopped doing this now. Although this a simple and inexpensive gift, doing this again will be a really nice gesture for your mother and she will like it. Waking up to your positive words every day will give her the push she needs to carry on with the rest of her day.
  • A basket of organic fruits: organic food is definitely expensive nowadays. A basket of delicious and healthy organic fruits that is chemicals-free is guaranteed to freshen up your mom. Do not forget a nice packaging to make it look even better!
  • A box of healthy and nutty chocolate: When it comes to gifts, A chocolate box can be go wrong. However, your mom deserves a high quality chocolates that is free from harmful sugars and full of different kinds of nuts. Dark chocolate is known to be a great antioxidant that prevents diseases and raises happiness hormones levels. 
  • A fitness tracker digital watch: If your mother is still watching her weight and trying to keep in shape. This is a gift that she can really make use of. This fitness tracker watch will count her steps, her jumps, and the how many stairs she has taken up and down. It will also tell her how many calories she burns every day. It is the perfect fitness mate and there plenty of options to go with your budget. (I am not a mom yet, but I wouldn't mind someone giving this to me on Mother's Day!)
  • A healthy ice cream maker: Instead of buying it from shops where they add plenty of sugar and other unhealthy additives, your mother can make her own ice cream at home using only fruits, honey and chocolate chips. There many types of those machine, make sure to pick a durable and user friendly one. 
  • You can book a seat on a Detox Trip for ladies only, which's provided by Gate to Wellness, a health tourism facilitator. You can find out about their current offers from their website here.
  • If you can't seem to find the right gift for your mother you can go ahead and book an Umrah trip for both of your parents. This will be the greatest gift to receive ever and she will pray and make Du'aa for God to grant you a long, happy and prosperous life!

And even if you don't have the money to buy anything from the above, please remember that all that mothers need is a warm smile, a long conversation or phone call to check on her. 

Finally! Choosing a Mother's Day gift can be a difficult task because we know deep down that no gift will equal the tremendous love our mothers have bestowed on us. Our mothers do not need a day to feel special because they always are. They are our everyday super heroines! And we should always remember to be good to them.'
Bayan Tayeh
Bayan works as a content writer and graphic designer. She is highly interested in the field of healthcare and health education. Her goal is to change the way people think about sticking to some dietary habits, and to encourage them consume real food, as possible, so we can build a healthier world.