I think that when one decides to feel a certain emotion, your body starts acting upon this decision immediately!

We are the ones that control our feelings of sadness, happiness, depression, anxiety, and even love.The brain obeys and adapts the rest of our body parts to our emotional state through the secretion of certain hormones.

When the goings get well, the body will secrete happy hormones: oxytocin, endorphins, serotonin and dopamine

On the other hand and in case of human exposure to danger, the body secretes the hormone that causes bad feelings and a sense of danger, known as Cortisol.

Let's learn about these hormones and how they work in our bodies:

1. Oxytocin (love hormone):

Oxytocin or hormone love is the hormone responsible for social ties, also called hugs hormone. It is the hormone that enhances the relationship between the mother and her baby during birth and during breastfeeding.It enhances the intimate relationship between a man and his wife. It is also responsible for forming friendships and a sense of belonging and interdependence between human beings and even animals.

It is secreted in cases of love, trust and serenity. It was noted that when a high proportion of oxytocin is in the blood, it may lead to increasing the ability to trust others. It also increases the chances of dialogue and understanding between couples on tough issues. This hormone is extensively researched by psychologists and for its effects and role in psychological disorders.

How to get a splash of the hormone oxytocin?

  • Hug someone: hugs will give you a big splash of oxytocin through difficult times!
  • Be trustworthy: people who are trusted by others, feel more confident about trusting other people back.
  • Buy a pet: If you have a hard time trusting others, adopting a pet may help you restore your trust in others as well.
  • Spend time with the ones you love: this could be your partner, your children, your family or your friends.
  • Help others in times of crisis: this will help you to get rid of the tension that hinders the secretion of oxytocin.
  • Caring about kinship and being kind to those who need kindness may also give you a good splash of oxytocin.

2. Serotonin hormone:

Sometimes it is called the happiness hormone. It fixes the mood and prevent depression and gives you a sense of happiness and high spirits.

How to get the hormone serotonin?

  • Serotonin can be obtained from sun exposure.
  • Sugars and carbohydrates help in serotonin secretion.
  • Exercising and daily physical effort also has an important role in the secretion of serotonin
  • By eating carbohydrate-rich foods as well as increasing the nut intake (walnuts) that contains serotonin by 300 micrograms / gram, also found in pineapples, bananas, plums, tomatoes, cocoa and in everything that is produced from cocoa like chocolate, all these plants contain a proportion of serotonin greater than 11 micrograms / gram.
  • Promotions and the sense of importance and appreciation that accompanies them are things that can also help in serotonin secretion:

    - Enjoy where you are in life: It is not always the best thing to be in front of the steering wheel, sometimes being an ordinary passenger is much better for your life.

    - Notice your influence: without control or arrogance you can see that there are people around you that put you in a position of leadership in their lives. Appreciate this and be grateful for being a good influence in the lives of others.

   - Stop the desire to control everything: for the most part, we can not control what happens around us, we have to accept that we are trying to change our world for the better, or let things fold out in the way they are meant to.

    - Be proud of your work: Make your mind say, "Look at what I've done!" without too much attachment to the results, and accept the fact that you can not reach perfection.


Here is an infographic of foods that cause happiness as it works to raise the level of serotonin in your brain.


3. Endorphin:

Endorphin is a hormone produced by the body when in pain.It works as a painkiller and combats anxiety and tension and gives us the ability to endure such feelings.
How do you get endorphin?

    - Through exercise: aerobics where they help to release endorphins especially if playful, fun and challenging.

    - Laugh: laughing from the heart will make the body produce endorphins and free you from fear!

    - Unleash your tears: tears when suppressed can add a lot of stress to your body, do not stop yourself from cying! they save you from stress and protect you from stress.

    - Stretching exercises and yoga:stretch exercises and yoga help you to relax and save you from the tension and stimulate the secretion of endorphins.

    - Cold baths help releasing the hormone dopamine-beta, which is called stimulation hormone.

4. Dopamine:

It is a stimulation hormone that helps you to be awake and alert, and a lack of dopamine makes you suffer from a lack of attention and focus and makes you in a bad mood and it helps us to launch our power to achieve more success, in fact success addicts are addicted to dopamine, of course the most important motivation is innate motivation to stay alive and this usually means access to food and water, but with the evolution of life there became many other motives for humans.

How do you get the hormone dopamine?

  • Eating sugars and sweets and candies is one of the main reasons for the launch of dopamine in the body.
  • Nothing give you a better dopamine rush than hearing praise from your manager or accomplishing tasks. If you want more dopamine then you should seek after more achievements. You should learn the key factors of success in order to reach your goals:

- Section the job into small tasks: If you have a difficult task, try dividing it into small tasks so that you get the dopamine upon accomplishing every small task and see how much this will motivate you to continue for more success.

- Dance of Victory: congratulate yourself on any achievement. By doing this you give yourself a good boost. It may not feel like running a marathon, but it will give you a warm feeling that lay ahead.

- Put your life in order: Organize your working space and set a time frame for the implementation of each one of the small tasks that you have already divided.

5. Geraline: 

This hormone reduces stress and increases relaxation. It is secreted whenever you feel hunger and it is the reason why we crave food when we feel nervous even if we know it is a bad idea, so try eating sufficient amounts of food without necessarily reaching a full stomach to maintain good levels of the hormone Geraline. 

The impact of the lack of the proportion of happiness hormones in the blood, especially serotonin:

• Researchers have found that the low proportion of serotonin in the blood of lab mice led to disruptions in the functions of the heart and some of the mice had died.
• As for humans, low serotonin leads to mood disorders and in some cases it causes depression and weight gain. It also significantly affects memory and the ability to learn and also lead to a decline in insulin secretion rates.

Dina Sabbah
Pharmacist, Al Azhar University of Gaza graduate. Interested in health awareness .