Amr Aboulhassan

I am a 48 - year - old, Egyptian from Alexandria. married and got two gorgeous children. I work as a graphic designer at Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport. I loved being in the kitchen since I was a child, and I loved trying the recipe's of my mother and grandmother. When I became a little older, I developed my personal style and I start adding many modifications to the famous traditional recipes. I was always impressed by the results. 13 years ago, I suddenly knew that I had diabetes. This made me think seriously about changing my dietary patterns to suit my newly found condition. I always search for natural substitutes of sugar, oils, fats, flour and butter. I now have a wide experience in food alternatives and how to choose the healthiest options due to the large number of recipes I tried throughout my life. A little while ago, my daughter Nala started following a Plant Based Diet (PBD). I always help her, by searching for alternatives and finding suitable recipes and modifying her favorite recipes to continue enjoying them in a healthy way. My goal is to encourage people to enjoy their favorite dishes with healthier ingredients and without deprivation.

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